Weight Loss Formula Urgent Need to get Slim


I believe many girls would have been together often. Have fun eating. I remembered that the next week I had to go to work, ordination, party and other goodies. Which clothes will not be put down? I will be afraid to take pictures and not look fat and swell a seriously serious one week!

1. morning rice is very important

Do not think that losing weight will be fasting. We are in the process of reducing this ad hoc. Most important breakfast It will help us not be hungry in the day and evening, simple observation, people fasting. Eat fast during the day. And often fatal to the food that fat and high sugar, resulting in obesity.

Also, during our sleep. Body fasting for hours. When not eating breakfast. So low blood sugar. And it tends to have lunch to heavy dinner. Know this I think it will be morning breakfast girls.

2. waved goodbye

Who would like desserts such as tea, coffee, bakery, cake must be hard. Not that it would be difficult to reduce the puppet. Because sugar is deliberately added. Negative effect on fat. Reduce the energy consumption of other nutrients. When the body draws less energy from other nutrients, the nutrients are added to the fat. If I can not really. Try to change the sugar from the stevia instead.

3. Abstain from eating salty.

Do not think that the sweetness will eat salty just about anywhere. Because of salinity. The symptoms are very clear. Sodium in food When given in excessive amounts. Will make bigger Edema Feel sweet Especially soft drinks, resulting in increased sugar content and bring about high body weight followed by.

4. Avoid the fried steak boiled food.

Who likes to eat fried until a habit. I need to change the behavior immediately. Because most of the fry are sold in general. Always dough and seasoned. Just enough oil is scary enough. There is another sodium. How to make fat, think of the recommended food in this period. It should be a menu that uses water as a component, such as Suki eggs.

5. Do not let the fruits and vegetables.

I must say that fruits and vegetables are obese. If not, choose good. Some people think that they want to be skinny to eat salad. But the dressing cream that is poured into it, but the ingredients are inviting fat. Which will be the sweet fruit that is eaten then cholesterol. Especially durian is recommended as green apples are better, but be careful not to add flavor with chili pepper salt. MSG Sodium multiply to three.


6. drink water

Research has shown that drinking water in the right amount helps to lose weight because of two reasons: First, “Water causes the body temperature to drop. The body burns more energy. To balance the heat As a result, food and energy are consumed. Reduce excess fat accumulation. ”

Second, “when drinking more water. Reduce the chance of drinking. Or drink with sugar. As a result, the body gets less energy. It’s easy to control weight. ”

7. Exercise

Take care to eat enough. It comes together with exercise. Focus on cardio, such as swimming, aerobic dance to help burn fat. After that, it must be training to supplement. To tighten the firmware. It makes the rush hour all the time to watch TV to rotate hula hoop to it.