Weight Loss Formula from 82 to 50 kg.

Weight Loss Formula from 82 to 50 kg.

Obesity is something that is with the delicious food for a long time if someone who is eating fast. Or eat more than fit. Obesity will certainly visit us. When you eat something, it’s easy to understand, but it’s hard to know how to burn out to make it look the same. Like this little girl, the story of change itself is very interesting. She has brought her own weight loss story to the post on the Pantip.com website, although it is difficult to lose weight. But she still tried. It can make itself beautiful in just 11 months, it is a weight loss that is not prepared much. And do not hurt yourself too. Let’s keep track of her story.

Hello, we want to share the experience of how to lose weight, we believe that everyone must do it. We do not have any rules or anything much, no equipment. Life is a tower to lose weight.
Is it okay to be easy? It’s not that bad.

And another that I do not know how strange. We have no inspiration for anything. Other people like to ask who is trying to reduce the straight. I do not like fat. One day, take a picture? This is me … is it?

How to lose weight first.

How to lose weight first.

It is a fat people but children. Fat from eating a lot of it. It’s normal but not very fat. I have a point when I go to college.

I am very tired of living from home to live. How to eat? Eat at any time The weight is 75-76 kilograms, it will not be reduced to the next one to eat, so there is a second year is eating a lot of knowledge that much. I eat all the food but eat late but eat late at night, such as Joke Cup + fried chicken 2 pieces of crispy dip is that I eat a lot but not really stop. Then back home with that fat condition. Who’s at home? That’s very fat. I will not be able to do that. I weighed in at 82.9 !! I’m so fat and up to 8 numbers.

I do not think it would be a good idea to try to reduce the ….

First start Weight is 82.9 kg.

Height 160 cm. The most obvious obesity is that the current weight is 50, eat a lot, it is 51-52, the time to lose weight for about 11 months, but with that we did not continue. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt enough to stop. Back to normal Exercise This is about 2-3 times the image that I want to reduce it.

Are you shocked?
The first way we started doing it was to stop the first day of cold start, it was in this picture. Break the pizza After this, I feel. We can not stand it. Did not feel hungry May be very fat. The food I eat each day is still left to use more energy. 55555

I do not remember how long it took me to feel so serious about losing weight. I bought a digital weight machine. Seeing as a point to it.

It’s great, we weigh every day. I have to modest 5555 this time to do so until weight loss 2 k! I’m glad people will not mind weight.

This is a weight reduction 2 Lo yee is 80 kg.

It’s actually reduced. I can not see the condition itself. I still have dinner for a while. But this time to exercise. Our exercise is to run.
No, we did not run. We do a quick walk It is very common for us to go to work at the college. The speed of the machine is about 5.5-6.9 this way.
Then there are some cyclists, some really waiting for the machine to run, while I was waiting for a picture to confirm.

We do not have a day schedule. What is it? Most will be empty. If you do not have to work, no exam will go.
Our exercise is to beat the battery, it’s good fun, good luck to friends to hit it.
Yep, I told you to lose weight. Friends are important. We are in the same room. Every day is eat with friends. In turn, we will lose weight.
We have to tell it seriously that we do not eat dinner. I do not know what to do.

This time we cut down for a while, we consulted her sister. We recommend that we look at the good shape save cost, which is ok.
Actually, we look so we have a lot of encouragement. It is focused on food. More than exercise. We usually leave.
See this item, we too. Eat a calorie calculation, it is very serious. If you eat the evening is to see what the calorie is enough, so I did not exercise regularly.
Some out. Some weeks stop, but weight is reduced. Down to about 75-76 kilo.

It’s all really tight.

After that, we keep calories and keep doing it. That 3-4 times a week.
If the sun does not go, it is not going to the Sun. If you do not remember the wrong period of about a month, we have 71, which is the beginning of summer.
We try to use the Goddess of the 7-day weight loss about 3 kilo. Not considered Because of the formula to reduce the 7-8.
But it’s time to get us down to number 6 !!! It’s 68-69. Why do you think that?
I can not remember when I was 65.

I have to say that I am very proud of you. It feels great.
I was nervous because the month of May went to Korea for nearly a month. Fear more weight.
I’m not sure if this is the case.
I was back in the saturated fat is eaten, eat dinner, eat late, eat buffet one day weighing 68!
How do we do it? Back from weight loss, it does not matter. Why do not you?
We have a lot in our heads. Remember to start really down again in mid-June.

*** This is a brutal formula ***.
We do not ask anyone who is.
Breakfast: yogurt
Noon: 2 boiled eggs
Cool: fruit (some days do not eat)

The evening went out fast. Around the garden (pool, gold) 2-3 rounds every day !! Because we are very busy. I have to sit back and sleep to move my body.
We have two types. Swim with running I do not have much exercise. But the food here is very effective.
Well, we’re warning you. We do not do it each day. I do not know how to do it.
It may be people. Thanks for the help.

We have to remember that because we are going to camp with our friends, we try to accelerate down to 5555. I want to have a change.
The weight is 58 kilograms ……. It is the number 5 then …….

I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

We go back to the living room to eat something normal. It is also a habit to eat at home is not eaten if it is full.
Milk cakes, if not craving, do not eat. Some days feel congested. I have eaten some boiled eggs 555555.
The weight of our own reduced to 55 kilograms …. It is good (open the first term, do not exercise at all)
Weight Loss Formula


We have 55 fixed weight, then we do normal. I started out with a hare eating a snack eat more milk. I do not like it.
This time around, I felt that I was still plump, trying to cut back on eating. Seriously But this time we do not use the brutal formula.
Because we have to do this kind of school, we do not eat noodles, salads, vegetables, fruit, eggs, boiled eggs, if you really eat. I eat more than rice to share with friends.
We exercise with this. 40 minutes to run the morning, two times a week.

We lose 52 weight! Yep, it’s hard to tell since it’s 55k.

52 We have not forgotten our goal. We want 45! I know it’s hard I tried to cut down to this time until the final exam, I want to lose weight with it. But it is necessary to eat each and every meal. It also boils eggs as ever. It’s great to try … it will eat normal. But no time to eat candy. Or some day outside very lazy. I want to sit with that. I eat only fruit yogurt, candy (it is not good) weight is reduced to 50 kilos completely.
I’m very happy with the rebound, but I’m back home to eat a delicious meal, not to eat my parents are worried Hara.

The time now is 30k. But before we reduced more than the reduced and then see? We will be down 555555.
I do not remember how many times we randomly see the 55555 the main problem for us. We are big The cheeks are so big, the weight loss is still very heavy.


After losing weight to 32 kilos !!! From 82.9 down to 50 kilo ….. Hey!

The weight of today is 50 to eat a lot of 51-52. But the next day it was 50.

This is a change. Like life after the monsoon.

Finally, with selfie, think that the page is the smallest. The cheeks are the same. But it’s smaller than the first one.
Thanks for the help.
* The color may be strange. Instagram
* Do not eat weight loss pills Then just vitamin C. Or skin tonic, I rarely eat. It will make it fat.
It’s a good idea to have a look at it. I have not eaten, and it’s green detox, which is not about losing weight. This is the only way to eat it.
* Wondering what to ask
* We have a goal to reduce to 45, but the parents at home told us enough to ask for 48.
* Wants everyone to fight We have reduced everyone to believe.
* Personal habits, we like to eat fast food like soft drinks, cakes.
* Our focus is on food control. Exercise as a secondary, it would be good.
* Weight loss at the very heart.


TT ^ TT More TT ^ TT

Thanks for all the comments, comments and concerns. We do not say how we are a good way. We just want to share how this works. Then we figure out in facebook people will say hello to many questions. Then we have to cheer. The post is that the people are very fat. We have been encouraged to reduce it. Well, people like us are reduced as well …

For the comment that. We responded but the audience did not answer the people. We choose to answer people who have questions to ask us. We read, we do not know what to answer. We have reduced to this size. What should we do? Today we eat rice for a while.

Let’s say that this may not be the best way to eat three full meals, but reduce the amount of it.

Believe that the story of a little girl named Like a Pyramid is a good way to girls. People want to turn to change themselves. Did you know that the way you do it is not difficult. And do not be prepared. Or what to prepare? We just have to have patience to pass it. Consistent Do not be discouraged before you see results. Not just better shape. But our health is good as well. I do not know what to do.
Calories with energy needs of the body.


Calories (Calorie) is the unit of energy that we usually see from the label next to the food box. The purpose is to keep the amount of calories in the food we eat. Because our bodies need energy. Dietary foods that provide energy to the body.

Carbohydrates give you 4 kilocalories of energy per gram. As protein
Protein will give you 4 kilocalories of energy per gram.
Fat will provide maximum energy of 9 kcal / g. (Twice the energy of protein. Or carbohydrates)

For our bodies. Normally, the amount of calories to be consumed per day for those who work hard is about 2,000 kcal, but for those who work hard. Or maybe they need more energy like a progamer or athlete need more energy than this. To reduce weight, you need to understand the energy in the food. Those who are lighter than the average person need less energy. How to lose weight, some people may be suitable for calorie count. Each meal should not exceed 600 kilos. Calories are usually one serving of fried rice and rice noodles. Thai Recommended Daily Intakes (Thai RDI) recommends the recommended daily intake of Thai people aged 6 years and over. The energy needs 2,000 kcal per day may be classified as the amount of nutrients …

The cacao hydrate is 60% or approximately 1200 kcal or equivalent to the daily amount of 300 grams per day.
The protein is 10% or about 200 kcal or equivalent to the daily consumption of 50 grams per day.
Fat is 30% or about 30% or equal to the daily intake of 66.6 grams per day.

If people want more energy. Or less than the above. Recommend to make adjustments. Or decreases in proportion to the total energy required per day. Weight loss diets are not enough. Our body will use the energy to support the system. The body can work better. It also allows the body to store excess energy in the form of fat and other energy sources. Body organs for future use as well.