Solve snoring problems In a simple way, anyone can do it.

Snoring is another problem that many people are experiencing. Which causes the snoring There are many reasons together, as well known, such as obesity, allergic rhinitis, etc. From the survey found that Men will have a greater snoring rate than women. And if anyone who has snoring or someone beside snoring is now, do not worry anymore Today we have a way to avoid snoring. What are the practices? Let’s see.


As many people know, obesity is the main cause of snoring. Therefore, if knowing that the weight exceeds the standard Do not let fait accompli Should turn to exercise to lose weight Because if we are healthy, strong, snoring will not happen to us.

Avoid lying on the back.

This is to prevent mouth breathing. Which is one of the causes of snoring symptoms The best way is Sleeping on the side, bend the elbow At the beginning, the back pillow may be used to prevent our body from turning to lie on my back.

Small pillow support

But if anyone who can’t really lie on the side, don’t worry. Can lie on your back as usual But use a small pillow to support the neck above and keep the head high from the bed This is to protect the tongue. Not to drop into the neck Which causes the symptoms of snoring

Keep the mattress clean

And the bedroom is clean The bedroom must not have moisture. Well ventilated And the mattress must not have wool or dust mites Which causes the disease This is to prevent the accumulation of germs. That causes allergies, asthma, which causes the symptoms of breathing and snoring

Practices as mentioned above Is a way to avoid snoring. We can do it easily. In addition, it should be noted that If there is a sudden respiratory arrest During sleep Should seek medical advice immediately Don’t let it be Because this is a very dangerous signal Do not think that it will not be anything. No need to go to the doctor If this symptom occurs Should consult a doctor to find a cure Hopefully the way to avoid snoring that we have deposited today It is useful for people who sleep with snoring. Because good health starts from our health consciousness