“Skinny but belly” (Skinny Fat) How to exercise?

Although the person who has a thin body will have more than half the victory Because in addition to the risk of various dangerous diseases Will be less than those who are obese Or overweight Also has a good shape so that he can choose to wear a variety of clothes as well But even if the person who has a thin body will have an advantage over all the obese people, there are still some problems with distractions. And the solution does not fall as well That is a group of people “Slim but with a belly”

Skinny but with a belly or Skinny Fat is a group of people whose overall weight does not exceed the standard. The outer shape looks superficially. It looks like a good shape, slim face, small arms and legs, but has only the part of the stomach. Or the swollen belly Or slightly bloated Not smooth, flat, like a man who has a good figure as usual Thus causing problems that need to be exercised Or how to take care of yourself to reduce the size of the “belly” effectively without affecting the other parts Of the body

Cause of being a person “Slim but with a belly”
Eat foods that have too much sugar. Sometimes being a slim person How much does it eat? Therefore may cause accidental delusion Eat too much sweet food. The more he saw that he was still thin Still weight Therefore eating more sugary foods, but actually sweet foods like Bakery bread Or ice bing soo, various Thai desserts are foods that cause stomach fat to accumulate more easily than high fat foods.

Drinking too much alcohol Can cause abdominal swelling, abdominal filing as well Especially drinks like whiskey, beer, wine, vodka or cocktails are drinks that cause fat accumulation on the abdomen as well.

Sudden fasting Or eating too little Does not help reduce body fat in any way But may cause the body to pull energy from the muscles instead Makes the muscles become smaller The body lacks more strength than before.

Improper exercise That is too much exercise. Plus eating too much energy for the body May cause the body to pull energy from muscle mass to use in exercise instead of pulling excess fat into use So don’t forget that If thinking about exercising Eating food for the body to get enough energy for exercise It is also important.

How to exercise the person “Slim but with a belly”
Must first understand that Even though the body is already slim The weight is in the normal standard. But still need to exercise regularly But for those who are thin but have a belly May focus on exercising with magic (weight training or weight lifting) that is focused on specific exercises In order to focus on building more muscle strength Can be played all over the body without having to focus solely on the part of the abdomen, such as lifting a dumbbell, weight pendulum. Or if you want to focus on the belly Can exercise a variety of exercises such as sitting in the middle of the air by placing the back against the wall Lie on your back and lift your legs up from the floor on both sides. Or holding a dumbbell or pendulum on the chest Then shorten both legs up and down, etc.

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Exercise with HIIT cardio (High Intensity Interval Training) is a cardio exercise that stimulates the body’s metabolism. By focusing on light and heavy exercises during the specified period This method will increase muscle strength while simultaneously With increasing metabolism in the body as well We can find a video demonstration of HIIT exercises and exercise as well. For the correct exercise No less or not too much. But this exercise is quite serious for people who have never exercised at all. Or even people who exercise regularly are still exhausted until almost faint Because it is a continuous exercise that does not stop for no more than 30 minutes. Therefore, in addition to having to gradually Try to keep doing Without having too much of his own body Also need to determine the number of times to exercise HIIT not more than 3 times per week To let the body rest And repairing some of the muscles that are used heavily

Other practices of people who are “thin but have a belly”
In addition to proper exercise Should take appropriate examples as well

Eating may not be enough to count calories like those who want to lose weight seriously. But just reduce the consumption of foods that are high in sugar, such as beverages and sweets, including other carbohydrates such as white rice, white flour, noodles, pizza flour and fried foods. And alcoholic beverages

Add more protein foods. To help the body build stronger muscles (More effective when exercising as well) focus on eating fish, egg whites, chicken meat, etc.

If someone is already exercising regularly May need to consult a trainer Or seeking more knowledge Whether our exercise has any errors or not Is there a section that should be emphasized more than before?

Don’t forget to sleep enough. Because if the body is too tired In addition to not exercising Inadequate relaxation causes stress, fatigue, which causes the accumulation of fat in the belly.

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