Share your experience. Fit in a healthy body because of self esteem.

Weight Loss Review Inspired by the self-esteem, he decided to lose weight and have a healthy body, happy life than ever before.

“Do not let anyone limit you by the word can not do it” … is a sentence that you Kan. KNOWLEDGE Ask everyone to believe that anyone can lose weight just like her own, who would believe that previous fat was before. I do not feel that value. But with the full commitment that weight loss will help restore confidence and value in yourself. She goes on a diet with food. I have a beautiful day. Good health as seen. And come with pride in it. Let’s see how to lose weight. To inspire many people who are trying to lose weight.
Hello, today we would like to share our experience of losing weight for everyone to read it.
There are many people who have come across us when we are thin and often say that since birth, they have never been fat, right?

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We are a complete child. May not be fat chubby. It is a tall woman. That is the memory of everyone who is with us. We think so

The left is 4 years ago, almost four years ago. Remember that it was not weighing down at all, but guess what, I would have touched 63 at that time. Maybe because we are tall. It’s not that bad, but it’s a good one. At that time, I did not really believe him (I saw this picture now believe that it was really fat. See your cheek and smile close I do not know what to say.
EDIT: Have a friend see the picture before more, we go to dig in the face to ask for permission to pursue the time I have to do it.

This is a high school student. It should be wearing a high waist and cute nine-hormone, right here, I want to put it out like that. I do not wear it. Not a dashing lad who likes to wear a skirt. We are not fat big waist can not enter
❤ Because we are so fat ❤

At that time, we sided with myself that I did not eat much. Why am i fat Back to top Because it is like that. You will not be able to eat large batches in a single meal. You can not eat bread all day in a day. You can not eat special mama. You will not be able to eat a few rounds of this buffet. I do not know what to do.

❤ What are our motives for losing weight?

If you are motivated to lose weight. At first, it was because we were stressed out by the end of the research and many other subjects around and Hertz in year 4, like to eat less, sleep less weight, it went down. I do not know why, but I do not know what it is. The event then realized that. We have a slim down here. After graduation, I was in unemployment. At home, I feel that I have no value at all. I do not have a job. We think that losing weight helps to make us more valuable. Because the factor to reduce it is within the scope that we cover it all. Just how do we care for food and exercise regularly? It’s definitely down to the job. There are many other factors beyond our control.

❤ How to lose weight in our style ❤

Our method of reduction is generic. Eat it out only. This is a workout. I do not know why.

The food we have changed to eat clean. Cook from olive oil, eat brown rice, do not eat it fried. Desserts eat once a month. Two months, but eat fresh milk, the focus is on the boiled soup, papaya salad, grilled chicken enough energy, then we have to burn out. If you are unemployed at home it will not burn much, so go to a yoga course. Apply as monthly I play it. The two classes are very cool class, we go to play. Saturday – Sunday It took about two months to lose weight.

Cut to work, we continue to lose weight continuously. We work less time, but we go to yoga every day from Monday to Friday. Luckily, the workplace has a yoga studio, so every day until the card is redone and the name is 55555, the same control. Good luck to you. But now it’s just a food that is not salty, not salty, not spicy, some days, chicken breast, boiled eggs, rice, pork, eggs, boiled rice, hungry afternoon, eat cornflakes, eat yogurt fruit. Eat cold soup eat fruit granola

I do not like to exercise or not control food. It does not come back to fat as usual. But I do not feel comfortable.