How to weight loss diet Breakfast, lunch

Eating weight loss No need to fast. But just pick and limit the amount of food you eat each meal. The proportion in the right amount. When you feel full, then stop. Do not force it to eat up with all the disappointment.
Weight Loss Diet

Breakfast is a meal that should not be neglected. It is the brain that we have to start. Eating in this breakfast will help to keep the body healthy. The brain has the power to splendid ideas, and also helps to not fat easily compared with those who neglect the breakfast.

With breakfast and the current state of society. People have to rush to compete with the time almost 24 hours, so many people often turn to eating easy and convenient. Like junk food Or junk food That is the fat accumulation into the body. And energy is too much for the body. Therefore, breakfast diet should be easy to eat and low energy. (For a few hours, I had to eat lunch.)

A simple breakfast menu.

Pork porridge is easy to eat. Get full benefit.
Boiled blood is called a true healthy menu with complete nutrients.
Bread + egg The menu is made easy and very convenient. Instead, choose a whole wheat bread instead of plain white bread. Because there are dietary fiber. And more nutrients.
Oatmeal cereal Or fruit. It is another menu that can be eaten easily.
Fresh Fruit Yogurt Should be selected as natural yogurt. It has less fat than fruit flavored yogurt. Then put fresh fruit as we like.
I do not know how to use it.
Easy to eat / make yourself in the evening. Morning was warm to eat immediately.
Chicken breast is considered to be protein-rich and easy to eat. (In 7-11, the chicken breast is sold.) Chicken breast is the least fat of chicken.
Boiled eggs are recommended to eat boiled eggs in the morning. Do not eat eggs. Some people may not want the neck. You can choose only egg white.
Tofu without sugar Tofu is considered to help stomach rather than eating coffee. If anyone runs the line. A few hours to lunch. Tofu is considered a good choice.

Breakfast menu should be avoided.

Fried foods such as pork, fried chicken, fried chicken, fried tofu, etc.
Sweet bread should be avoided such as pastries, bakery cakes.

Many people eat breakfast as a simple food such as coffee and cakes. It may be water and tofu. These menus are rich in fats that negatively affect the body.
Weight Loss Diet

Although lunch will be called the king’s meal. Can eat a lot. But for those who are losing weight. Should pay attention to the food. If you do not think. Lunch can become a fat.

In this lunch time many. People often understand that they can eat anything without the mouth. You will not be disappointed. By lunch, most people, especially the young office. After lunch, then. It is usually sitting on the computer screen throughout the day. When I sat there, I sat for hours without being physically disturbed. Of course, fat is the body parts of the body, especially in the abdomen. Therefore, the weight loss meal should focus on a full meal. But low-fat calories.

Menu for lunch

Suki chicken or sea sausage
hot and sour soup
Spaghetti breast
Chopped chicken breast
Brown Rice + Fried Chicken with Ginger
Boiled noodles + brown rice

Weight Loss Diet

Techniques to lose weight in the evening. Is to avoid eating large amounts of food. Do not eat food in the evening before 8pm. Weight loss diet should be lightweight, not heavy stomach, because in this meal we do not need the same energy in breakfast or lunch. If we eat a lot. Sleep time is not digested. Fat also penetrates into the blood vessels and parts of the body fat.

Even if you know that you should not eat much in the evening. If many people neglect. I feel tired from work. Or meals at the meeting. Can not wait Can not lose weight seriously.

Dinner menu

Fruits and vegetables No sugar, such as papaya, apple, carrots and avocados.
Steamed fish + boiled vegetables
Vegetable salad should be a high calorie dressing.
Tofu Soup It should be eaten with brown rice instead of plain white rice.