7 yoga postures to lower the arms. Helps to slim but strong arms and firmware!

Slim, slender arms and proportion will not be difficult anymore if the girls have tried these great yoga poses.

Yoga, we come together today, it must be like girls, of course, because we believe that no woman wants a big arm and does not tighten. So we take a yoga lower arms to help the arms of the slim fit and fit the strength of the girls to leave it.

1. Thaigang (Chaturanga)

This position helps the muscles in our body many parts, arms, shoulders, and abdomen, especially the lower arm between the wrist to the elbow to support weight. And the back of the arm to tense. Because of bending This posture is another good yoga posture that helps to keep the arms of the young slender.

How to train

– Lie down on your toes.
– bend the elbows by placing both hands on the floor to breathe.
– Gently push both hands up. The body is straight parallel to the ground. Hand and foot weight. Take a moment to breathe. Relax Go back to the original position and repeat.


2. Dog posture (Upward-Facing Dog)

First of all, it must be said that the dog is looking forward to make it easy to believe that all girls must do it. This posture focuses on stretching muscles. More than any other gesture, our muscles are more flexible and tightened. Especially if you are an office girl. We recommend that you do this regularly. In addition to stretching arm muscles. Stretching the back muscles. And relieve stress from sitting well as well. And if you are interested in doing more, please visit here.

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How to train

– lying on the floor. Both hands are placed over shoulder length.
– exertion lifting body Using the foot support. Try not to touch your forearm.
– Hold for 20-30 seconds to return to the original position. And repeat as you like.


3. Yogi push ups

Believe that no one will doubt that the push will help to strengthen the slender arms to fit. The push-ups are exercises that use the arm directly from the push-up. Therefore, our arms are strong and tightened up, but because the posture is a posture that requires a lot of force. It may make many girls tired easily. I do not mind to discourage it. If this is done regularly. We guarantee that the small arms in the dream is not far beyond reach.

How to train

– Lie down on the floor. Like Thapaeek
– Put both hands below shoulder level. Then push the upper body up and look straight ahead. Like a log Hold for a moment
– Back to Tha Phae Gate Switch between sets 5-10 times during the lift. Breathe in And breathe out when it is lowered. But do not hold your breath.


4. Downward Dog

If you notice something else is similar, it is lying down. But this is a strange difference. It is a crawl that lifts the knee with a raised hip above the floor. This must be said that this difference is the advantage of this post. Because of the need to stretch out the hand and lean on the ground to help the small muscles of the arm work well, including the wrists, shoulders and arm muscles on the back. In addition, the back of the dog training while bowing helps the circulation of the blood circulation better.

How to train

– in the crawl Spread legs and knees as far as the width of the hips. Spread your arms as wide as your shoulders. Spread your fingers wide.
– Using the ground. Raise the knee until straight leg. If you feel too tight. Can knee slightly to make it comfortable.)
– stretch the arms forward and step back slightly.
– thighs Then push the thigh back. Try to hit the heel to the ground.
– Relax your head and let your shoulders flush to the back. Take a deep breath for at least 1 minute.

5. Dolphin with One-Leg Lift

Dolphins raise one leg to help stabilize. And the key is to strengthen the upper arm, shoulder, muscles, biceps, triceps and back. I have to do it.

How to train

– kneeling clasped both hands forward.
– Slowly lean down to touch the ground.
– Raise hips and buttocks in line with elbows.
– Raise one leg and hold it for a moment, then alternate, then return to the original position.


6. Yoga Plank Pose

In addition to help reduce belly. Tighten the abdomen as we have often heard before. Thapae Gate is another important benefit that is to help our arms fit and stronger. Because we made the plankton. We have to balance our arms. Which makes us tense. Opportunity to get more arm muscles. It can help to tighten muscles. And help strengthen the bones.

It’s not just the upper arm. Just tighten it. The muscles of the chest and shoulder area of ​​our work is hard. Strengthen and increase proportion. This is just pretend to have all the arms, shoulders, chest and stomach it. However Make sure we do this correctly by dropping weight to the arm. No joints at all. The pain may be due to the need to go to the doctor instead of having a fit arm.

How to train

– Lie upright, throat strained and head hanging from the floor.
– Set the elbow on both sides of the floor to lean up, with both elbows about 1 shoulder apart, and the wrist should be placed on the shoulder.
– Lift the hips, knees, thighs, thighs, thighs, thighs and throat in the same position, hold for 30-60 seconds.


7. Tha Phae Side (Side Plank)

Thap Phae side to help fit. Tighten the arms in a similar way with Thapae. It may be a little more. This is a posture that uses one arm to hold the body. It makes the arm muscles work harder. As a result, our muscles tighten up fast enough. However, this position is more difficult than normal thong. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you do the usual plankton above. Then try to do this later.

How to train

– Lie on the left side. Use your arms and elbows to keep your hips on the floor.
– Gradually raise the hips, followed by the right arm stretching straight up.
– Tend to neck and hips in the same plane, hold for 30-60 seconds, relax and