How to lose weight

I do not know! Weight loss too serious. Risk sickness

Many girls who are overweight, they would have dreamed of returning to a beautiful girl is normal. But know that if we are too serious. No matter which way that helps to lose weight, it is used together to go together. In order to have a healthy skin. It can become a weight loss leading to disease. Which is more common today. “Skinny disease” to see that. This disease is terrible, girls will be careful before the line too.

The nature of the disease is skinny.

Thyroid disease is a life-threatening disease. Caused by the lack of nutrients and energy. People who are sick are often concerned about their shape. Fear that it is too fat. Although the body is fit. I still do not feel satisfied in myself. Patients will try to reduce weight. There is no point called satisfaction. The problem is that the girls are already thin. More skinny To become a bone. Followed by the health of the crash.

Types of thrombosis

There are 2 types.

1. The patient is fasting with exercise alone.

2. Fasting Patient And exercise, but to encourage yourself to vomit. This type of damage to the esophagus in the future.


The cause of the disease is skinny.

The main cause of this disease is. Resentment of self Patients will not feel good enough. Those who are sick are mostly people who have high expectations. Or someone who is often successful. I feel that I want to accomplish more than ever. Makes it always worry about weight. Or shape itself and want to lose weight continuously. Every time the patient is successful, he or she will be proud and confident. Regardless of the danger to the body of the patient.

What factors affect the skin disease?

Major factors may be due to self or family, with some patients growing from high expectations. Thus, the patients become self-satisfied. When faced with problems with their shape. It makes the patient feel like wanting to be skinny beyond the body. Cause is a disease in such a way.

It can be seen that the disease is a disease that is a psychiatric disease that it is. Because people with this disease often have psychological problems. Worry about their shape too. It can cause harm to the body in the future. And maybe even death. So girls Should be used to reduce weight. Notice the physical condition and mental state itself. Do not let the feelings of guilt go down. Because what may not be worth the weight is reduced it.