How to lose weight properly & wrong beliefs. About weight loss!


Many people believe that exercise has become a fact embedded in our knowledge for hundreds of years. Exercise that we know to be out for at least 30 minutes or to sweat will help to slim down the body. The principle of fasting diets is a choice that people choose based on beliefs and knowledge gained. But these stories are somehow distorted from the truth.

Since the goal of exercise is to get rid of excess fat. The weight loss is not a conclusion that we will be thin and not fat again. If observed well, women exercise properly. Women who exercise the wrong way when weighing together. Find the first one weighs more. The second one weighs less. But when compared to the proportions found that the first to have a slim and compact. The second one is still plump. This is probably one of the false beliefs that we are going to lead everyone to delve deeper into new knowledge. Then change the original idea to exercise in the right way to get more.

Look at the numbers on the scales!

Observe that weighing scales are essential for these weight loss … who do not really understand the principles of weight loss. We try to write down the weight that changes every morning, as we wake up regularly, to see what happens. Body weight decreased or increased? Someone who exercises earnestly with proper dietary control. But it is not clear what the true weight loss is. When did the weight increase on the scales? The more anxious and suspicious the weight loss. It became a question. Why do not you exercise?

This belief should be abolished, or should leave it out of the brain to it. Before it can destroy the intention to lose weight of friends and do not want to exercise. Then try to get well. To understand the new weight loss we do today is correct. “Fat reduction” is not “weight loss”, it does not affect the number on the scales. And no need to go up the scale to lose the mood anymore.
How to lose weight with fat reduction?

This definition may seem the same. Weight loss is the same as “total weight loss of the body to lighten up”, it includes the weight of water in the body, the food we eat, fat and muscle. So if we use the weighing method as determinants. It can be observed that only a few glasses of water can be added to it simply, so the numbers on the scales can not be used as a measure of weight loss right. But it’s just a supplement to let us know the weight changes only.

The “fat reduction” is the most accurate weight loss. Our goal is to exercise and control our diet to get rid of fat. Then replace it with a smaller and firmer muscle. Even in the same proportion of weight. But with fat as a liquid it is so big. The muscles are twice as small.

The simple conclusion is that to lose weight, you need to get rid of fat. Even weight will not decrease. If the body is more muscular than fat, it can have a compact and slender proportions. Then forget about the numbers on the scales. Because some people have more muscle than fat. May be more weight than some people who are fat and shape is plump, not tighten as well.

Young people exercising in a gym on treadmill. Focus is on foreground.

Why to build more muscle?

First of all, the difference between muscle cells and fat is that it is different. The “fat” is the substance that is in the body and functions in the body, but excess fat is what we want to get rid of it. These fat will stick to the skin. The shape does not tighten. Dangling Can be maintained without the need to maintain energy.

But for the muscles. It is very important for people who want to lose weight. The mass is very muscular. The body burns energy. The food we eat will not accumulate and transform into excess fat to make our weight increase rapidly. The muscles of the muscles will remain, so the energy must be drawn. The more moving the body. Energy will be more and more consumed.

In spite of being dormant, metabolic processes will continue to work to metabolize nutrients, especially fat, than those with less muscle mass. This is why we should exercise to increase muscle. Do not try to lose weight. What follows is the fat that remains. But what is lost is our precious muscle.
How much fitness?

People have money and most of the time they want to have good physical health. And want to lose weight, it must think of playing “fitness”, which is believed to help them lose weight easier. With a variety of players available to choose from. But before we often think of running on the treadmill. Or cycling to sweat, flood will help to burn energy. Let’s say that this may be the belief that you should change the understanding.

Because most of the equipment in the fitness we use. Especially those runways designed to stimulate the heart and lungs work. Strengthening these two organs. It links us to a longer, tougher and less tired workout. So do not think that the amount of sweat that will help to burn energy because it is “water” is not fat.

As we said before. What we want to get rid of is the fat that is attached to it. Getting into fitness does not mean it is not unnecessary. But when it comes to, we have to understand the goals and play correctly. What is the true weight loss? It’s not like playing with all the crazy toys. I’ve got a lot of sweat out until the end of the day, so I’m back home. Because of the real exercise, it’s more than just running to the treadmill for 30 minutes to help build new muscle and fat to break down. This will be the correct goal, friends will be able to play fitness worth the money lost.


Steps to work out!

Exercise to get results. The proportion decreased. With muscular tight fit. Exercise is divided into two categories.

1. Cardio – exercise to help burn fat energy in the body. It is the same type of aerobics. But the difference in the hard playing. The cardio is divided into four levels of strength relative to the heart rate: Low Intensity, Medium Intensity, High Intensity, and Last is Extra High Intensity.

Aerobics is a general exercise that does not stress much. Play based on the condition of the playable body. Both are useful in the same exercise. Which of the aptitude to choose? It also draws oxygen to use in the same energy. I do not think so much. Cardio and aerobic exercise are the same. This type of exercise is good. Helps burn fat and carbohydrates. The food we eat does not accumulate and transform into excess fat that is stored in the emergency as the body’s survival. The weight increases. It also strengthens the heart and lungs. Increases patience and stimulates the circulatory system. And less tired.

2. Vedic Training – is one of the more popular forms of exercise. In the past, it seemed that this type of exercise is only popular among male players, or we are called bodybuilders. We remember the wrong picture that the training for most girls when they leave the body is hardy, muscular, arms, legs, legs, which is not what women in modern values ​​with small and thin shape like. Somehow This is misunderstanding.

But in fact. “Vedic exercises are” essential “for anyone who wants to lose weight. Women do not have to fear that their own muscles will be strained because in women with less testosterone. It’s easy to say that the size of a bodybuilder who wants to have big muscles takes time and discipline. To play hard So let’s rethink that playing a spell does not make the limbs bigger. The advantages of playing it with cardio is. It helps the body to have more muscle. Unlike playing cardio alone, like when we ran on a treadmill. The body will extract energy from the fat. But stop playing it is that stop the metabolism immediately. Unlike playing magic. After stopping, the body will continue to burn energy. Even sitting or lying down.

Vetting helps to tighten the muscles, so girls can have curves. The shape is slim and healthy. Unlike the people who lose weight by diet or weight loss. Training is a good muscle. And stimulate the metabolism to complete.

Playing cardio along with playing training.

The most effective exercise is playing cardio along with playing training. Cardio is a strength supplement to heart muscle and lungs. Increases patience and stimulates the circulatory system. Less tired

Training sessions will help to rebuild the muscle layer and help eliminate fat. Even with vedic exercises alone, it can help build muscle mass and help get rid of fat. However, there are disadvantages that the body will not have the patience for exercise. Makes you feel tired Lungs and heart are not stimulated enough. So good exercise should play both cardio and training training together. It will help build muscle strength. Increase the tightening of the proportion. And tolerance to the body more.
Should play the training first, then followed by cardio.

Many people have doubts. What should I play before? By the standards of the fitness gurus, it is recommended to start training before training. Because it is a direct muscle. After playing, the muscles are exhausted and feel tired. If we choose to play cardio before it will result in muscle exhaustion. Voting is not planned according to plan. In summary, to maximize exercise performance. I need to start training before. Then rest with muscle flexion for a 10 minutes and then continue with the cardio in the next order.

However, before starting to play magic or cardio. The warm up of the body at least 10-15 minutes before and after the end of the cardio is the last one to relax the muscles to help reduce pain and inflammation. To make the muscles more flexible and recover faster.

Mainly playing cardio.

According to the old belief that we think aerobic exercise will take 30 minutes or more to help the body pull fat. If the body is less than it is waste. But according to the new theory. Cardio or aerobic exercise can remove fat immediately after the first minute. Because of this exercise. Whether it is swimming, cycling, running, or using a variety of players, it is a direct effort to the big muscles. The body immediately draws fat from energy.

Although this theory is controversial among gurus who still have the same beliefs, there is still plenty of evidence that people who can lose weight without exercising for more than 30 minutes can gain weight. decrease With smaller shapes. Like the popular cardio, many believe that many of the well-known trainers, such as Shaun T, have launched a 30-day cardio training video called T25. From the general exercise. It takes only 25 minutes per day. There are no breaks while playing. The energy that burns is equivalent to those who exercise for 1 hour and many people who experience this exercise already. The results are interesting, which also corresponds to this theory.

Did you know that?

According to the beliefs we hear from exercise, so that the body has a new muscle to replace fat. The gurus often advise that. Should play the training together with playing cardio together. To strengthen the muscles. Not hanging And stimulate the metabolic system. And another reason that Training Training is important. It is believed that cardio. This is a fat burning aid. But at the same time, it is self. “Muscle destruction”, but the results of international research. What we find is not what it is. The effect of the muscle is reduced by the cardio. “ื not true” ! But the muscle is lost, it can actually happen. Only a small part of the protein and nutrients in the body.

In fact. Cardio or aerobic exercise is to remove the fat and fat in the process of metabolism. So there is no connection with protein. This is an important part in strengthening and repairing muscles. It is very difficult for the body to extract amino acids from the protein. If this happens, the body will react to protect itself first. And we can not continue to exercise. It is considered a peach to stop when the starch and fat from the body. Because of this, it is difficult to lose weight and body fat in a simple way, unless the people in the exercise are in the diet. Or those in the wilderness, so much so that only the skin of the bones, as we have seen in Africa.

When will the body turn to protein? It is said that only a very small part of the body will pull muscle protein to use in energy metabolism while exercising. So what should we know? “When the flour and fat are used up and not exhausted. The body will pull the protein from the muscle. “And at that time, we really did not have the strength to run. Due to the abnormal physical condition of the work. Even walking slowly may make you feel tired.

The conclusion is that those who exercise hardly have to worry about the cardio that it will destroy the muscle to lose. Because of the research, players who play cardio for more than 30 minutes or more than an hour or more. The best way is to play around for about an hour to prevent injury. Do not worry about your own muscle mass. I do not have to worry about muscle loss as I understand it. Because the part that is linked to the metabolic system is only the flour and fat as the main body of water, bone and muscle almost no relevance to the loss of even less.

So you should stop worrying about flatulence muscles from exercising! Should change the faith. Because of all of the above. Playing cardio does not make muscles. Again, that again. “Cardio does not affect muscle mass”, no matter how heavy or heavy cardio. The body will not pull the protein certainly. The first or the cardio before it does not worry that the muscle will be burned in any way. But the trainers often recommend the first. To reduce muscle fatigue. If cardio go first. It may be that the efficiency of the magic is not based on the map itself.

The protein to be used to it. But proteins derived from nutrients are eaten. Degraded into a small amino acid. It does not directly affect muscle protein extraction. It is considered to be part of each other. The glycogen from the body is exhausted. The reaction from the body if it continues. “Hit the wall” is called “Hit the wall”, which means that we can not continue to exercise, may be unconscious or knocked out suddenly.

But if the body pulls the protein directly from the muscle, it really is when the amount of nutrients in the body is not left or fall into “severe malnutrition” very much, as I say to people. The problem with calories in the body found in the countryside is very poor people who are far from prosperity and lack of food. Or people with impaired nutrition. These are transformed into muscle proteins that break down into amino acids. For the body to live.

I repeat that again. “Muscle mass goes away when the body is in a very shortage of energy until the peak. So who is playing cardio alone, but worried that the body is lacking in protein. Fear yourself to eat protein each day is not enough. I fear that my limbs will shrink. The cardio is heavy, too, too scared to scare. Until the exercise is not effective. I also need to find a supplementary protein that often contains chemical additives. It’s not even necessary. So worry about it. Exercise regularly, whether it is morning or noon, any time cardio or heavy weight. Let the body burn energy. Because the muscle is not flat or lose mass. And it is important to eat in proportion as the body needs. Do everything with the intention. This will help us to have a shape like that anyway.


Maintaining the Training Vital

Vedic training is a direct muscle-based exercise, such as lifting a dumbbell. In the right way, the dumbbells are weighted and weighted to fit the muscular load. Beginners should focus on the big muscles first, which is the part of the limbs, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and then followed by the small muscles. One can not do it. Understand that exercise can not reduce any part of the body. But it will change at the same time as well. If you want to reduce belly. You have to exercise to the full with it.

Come to the rookie who started the fight. The weight of the dumbbells can be lifted 12-15 times and exhausted. If you lift more than that, change the weight of the dumbbell. If the lift is less, then reduce the size of the weight down. To play at least 3 sets per day is enough for a beginner. After the muscles begin to increase. Dumbbells will feel light down. If you need more muscle, then add weight to the dumbbells on demand until you are satisfied with the size of the muscle. Good Voodoo Training May cause muscle inflammation and tear. Good way to play one day a day to keep the muscles in rest and recovery in damaged cells.
Choosing the right foods

Let’s start talking. “Protein supplement” before this part of the people who play the magic and want to increase muscle. The new knowledge that you need to eat enough protein to increase the size of the muscle. However, eating large amounts of meat makes it difficult to digest various kinds of protein, so it is used as a substitute. Of course, these proteins are expensive. By nature. Supplements are not needed to lose weight at all. As a supplementary protein, some brands may contain contaminants that are harmful to the body. Eat more and become accumulative and follow with future illness from ignorance.

Naturally, the body needs only about 15 percent protein. If we get too much, it means that the kidneys work hard to get rid of this substance. So the proportion of natural foods is enough. Ask to eat to 5 groups of nutrition, it will make the body has a strong muscle. (This is not about the bodybuilders. Want more muscle size than normal people?


The danger of dieting to lose weight.

The belief that fasting or eating in very small proportions is a deeply rooted belief in the society of people who want to have a balanced shape. Using this method to lose weight is considered a risk to exercise a lot. This will affect the proportion of food that the body needs.

Some people avoid eating breakfast and turn to lunch only. Eat carbohydrates and fat completely. To those who eat only fruits and vegetables. These are the main words. When eating traditional foods like this repeatedly for a long time consecutively. The body will adapt to the survival, familiar with the food to eat more. Metabolism is reduced. If these people can continue to eat this food throughout the life, it is not affected much to the body. In addition to the risk of malnutrition and slim body weight loss of muscle. Can not work hard and also makes it easy to feel tired.

But for those who fast and return to eat in proportion, more will be faced with the “yo” weight will rise rapidly. The metabolic system in the body. Make it harder to lose weight. Which is no different to the drug used to lose weight. The body will return to work again, it will take a lot of time and patience.

Therefore, good way to lose weight is natural and safe. No need to buy supplements to eat the risk of chemical accumulation. We should consume 65 percent of carbohydrates, which is the body’s energy to be used during the day. The next is 20 percent fat for emergency use. And we should get energy from good fats. Or polyunsaturated fats from plants. This will stimulate the system to burn. And also good for health. The final part is a protein that should be given 15 percent to use to strengthen the muscles and repair damaged parts. This is enough for a perfect weight loss. To have a healthy body shape and stability and longevity.