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Why people in this age are so fat.
When talking about fat people can not think of Americans. Because Americans are considered. It is very obese and fat faster than anyone. The current statistics give Americans the world’s most obese state. Statistics show that after 20 years of age, Americans gain weight by an average of ½-1 ½ pounds a year, and the weight gain is fat.
The cause of obesity comes from the comfort that is more. What do you guys think? I will go to the car. The car itself is full of machinery. Want to make the mirror up, just press the button. No need to exert a spin. Washing machine Vacuum cleaners, etc. These things cause Americans to get fat easily.

Dr. Brownberry, a specialist in obesity, has studied the causes that make people fat. There are seven important factors.
Hereditary influence is 10%.
Number of fat cells in the body 10 percent.
Eating habits 20%
Personality and way of life 20%
15 percent exercise

In addition, loneliness is why it is fat. Many people like to eat soluble because it solves both lonely and lonely mouth. I do not know what to do. Turn to open the refrigerator. Walk to the kitchen and turn to the kitchen. Or some people like solving by making candy or making food. This is why many people are fat because of loneliness.
I see that there are many causes of obesity. Some things are clear. Some are indirect. The fact is that the body fat is another. But there are not many and difficult solutions. It is a matter of doctors, especially the obesity caused by diseases such as brain disorders. Or hormone secretion, etc.

Many people are trying to lose weight today. There are many reasons, such as the shape of the eye. Make it easy and beautiful. Easy to find used clothing. It also helps to have a fluent movement. But the most important reason is. The health of today’s medical community has agreed that. Having too much body is most harmful to health. Although fat is essential and beneficial to the body, but the amount of fat is too much of a course.

How to lose weight

The author has tried to put together the disadvantages and dangers of overweight from many books. As well as being found as a doctor and myself was a fat man for a while enough to conclude that the overweight is a lot of disadvantages.
1. According to statistics, overweight bystanders are 20 percent more likely to have a heart attack.

2. Fat people have high blood pressure.

3. Fat people have a greater chance of diabetes.

4. Fat people are gallstones in gallbladder rather than skinny people.

5. Studies have shown that people who are overweight are overweight by an average of 40 percent if women are more likely to develop cancer of the uterus, ovaries and breast. If men are cancer of the colon. And prostate more than people with normal weight.

6. Fat people will have more disease. Especially the hip, knee, ankle and foot. Because these will be heavier than normal, whether standing or walking.

7. Fat people will have more varicose veins.

8. Fat women are more difficult to conceive. And there are more problems with the birth.

9. Very obese people have sexual problems whether men or women. Do not know how to fix it. Sexual pleasure is much less.

10. Fat people are more likely to suffer accidents than regular ones. Because people are obese and less lively. The chance to miss is so much better. And when the accident is often worse. And more difficult treatment.

11. When it is necessary to examine the body. The doctor will check the body of the skin is easier than the fat people. The fat will obstruct. Or fumble hard things are difficult. Even the image of the fat people is not clear as the skinny. If surgery is required then. (Especially about the abdomen) is made more difficult.

12. When obese people have to be sick. Nursing care is more complicated. If the disease is not moving like a paralysis, it will add more problems to caregivers. Even after death. The body of the fat people is still more difficult to manage.

13. Often, obese people are socially objectionable, such as getting up or sitting in a bus. Even in the bus or on the plane, no one wants to sit near a fat man.

14. Some occupations may not provide the opportunity for fat people, such as flight attendants. information A tour guide or a fat man is often designated as a servant rather than a hero or hero. (Except for the movie guest)

15. Finally, this is a very new problem for many obese people, that is a mental problem. We may find some fat people with mental clarity. The smile and good mood, but there are many fat people are not satisfied in their own shape. And it is considered as a common misconception. It is a lot of people. Who looked at his face, he thought he was ridiculous. I do not know what to say. What if someone was looking at me and thinking that he was pitying us? Or he would say in his heart, “Oh, this is a blister, and will eat again.” What kind of dissatisfaction or inferiority in this shape? I can not find happiness. Frustrated and stressed Many people extinguish stress by eating. The result is more fat. And the more stressful. Lost in a bad cycle without knowing it.
As mentioned above. It is reason enough that we must start to lose excess weight seriously.

How to lose weight

The mechanism of obesity and thinning.
Our body is similar to the engine is to get fuel to work. When food enters the body, it is converted into energy for the organs to work. The heart is beating, it takes energy. The brain will need to use the energy of the liver, kidney, stomach, stomach work to use all energy. We can not afford food for a long time.

The unit used to measure energy is called calories. Whether it is energy derived from food or energy used to measure all the calories, such as protein or carbohydrate 1 grams of weight gives 4 calories, 1 gram fat to 9 calories. Approximately 240 calories per hour, ironing, use 150 calories per hour, watch television, use about 107 calories and even sleep, it also uses 85 calories per hour.

The amount of calories we eat (and the amount of calories we eat) and the amount of calories we eat (the amount of calories we eat and the amount of calories we eat). The rest is over. Energy is converted to fat in the body. On the other hand, if there is energy or calories negative it is used over and over. The body must pull out the fat that is used. Our bodies are thin and there is one number to pay attention and remember that is 3,500 calories.
The energy of 3,500 calories (plus or minus) is always 1 pound fat, whether in women or men.

3,500 calories are not required to be consumed or consumed in a day (which is difficult), but is a cumulative amount, such as if given over 350 calories consumed in a day, it would be 3,500. In the opposite way, if the body uses more energy than it receives 350 calories a day in 10 days, the body will lose 3,500 calories, that is, the fat will lose 1 pound as well.

To see that the increase or decrease of body fat is straightforward and the absolute rule is 3,500 calories per 1 pound fat. The fat that is accumulated in us is similar to the money we have. Collected as well. But the change from fat – skinny to rich – until only. It depends on the number of available and used. When we find more than used. We have money left over. That is rich. But if we use more money than we have, we will be down when to find the right to use, we will have the same status.
This would be easier to understand if you look at the picture.

If you look at this, losing weight is very easy. But in practice it is not always easy. There are other factors involved, such as the inheritance, fat cells and child rearing in the past three years, it has been influenced by up to 30 percent and is a different factor in each. person So losing weight is not easy. There are also some of the minds involved. Some say simple, hard-headed, do what you can do. Some people are self-indulgent. To eat less. Or change the type of food. Or exercise, it will not let you do something or stop the mood. This is a very difficult weight loss.

How to lose weightHow to lose weight
We say that. To lose weight or lose weight is to reduce the amount of fat in the body is too much. The main source of fat reduction is the most straightforward. Try to get your body fed calories. It is less than the amount of energy or calories the body needs each day.
The best way to get the most out of your energy is. The life of the engine is less active, such as when to walk, instead of using the car. When using a ladder, use a ladder instead of an elevator, etc., and the best result is. Exercise regularly. Exercise is not a lot of energy. It also strengthens muscles. Reduce weight by restricting food only. Weight loss is not fat alone. The weight of the muscles is reduced. Which is not what we want.

Researched at a weight loss center in downtown Dallas. Comparison of weight loss in two groups of women. Another group to limit food with exercise.
Restricted food group only Body weight dropped 7.54 pounds in 5 weeks.
Restricted groups of food and exercise were reduced to 8.08 pounds at the same time.
If we look only superficially It will be seen that these two groups have the same weight reduction. But when I studied it thoroughly. In the fasting group only. Weight is reduced to only 4.40 pounds of fat, and the other 3.14 pounds is the weight of the muscle that is smaller. (Very disappointing)
For food and fitness groups. Fat is reduced to as much as 8.52 pounds, but the weight was reduced to just 8.08 pounds, because The weight of the muscles increased to 0.44 pounds. This experiment clearly proved that. Reduce weight by limiting food with exercise. Is the best way And it is a good health.

The author does not agree with every weight loss. The only symptom is that there is no exercise. Because it is actually reduced. But the meat will be liquid. The strength will be less. It will also look wilted. Especially those who lose weight at the age of 40 or more is called a weight loss that is bad. In addition to the exercise. To limit the food must be done with caution is to eat all the food. I do not use a way to cut out any one group, such as cutting out carbohydrates, hoping the body pulls out fat instead. Even faster. But it is bad health and physical. (Those who are cutting the carbohydrates will immediately be very disturbed at first.)

Balance diets that I think are good and should be used is the formula 50-20-30 (not the formula for it) of the Aerobics Center in Dallas. Of Dr. Cooper The highest carbohydrate diets were 50 percent, 20 percent protein and 30 percent fat. Feeding this body will not be anxious. The main energy is still carbohydrates. And will not be hungry Carbohydrates (cereals, fruits and vegetables), which make up the stomach, but less calories. The more you exercise, the more likely you are to eat. As a way to lose weight that really works.
Weight loss will be slow. Do not forget that we spent decades in fat accumulation. When to remove fat, it should be gentle. In general, we reduce only 0.5-1.0% of body weight per week.

For example, a person weighing 80 kilograms will lose only 0.4-0.8 kilograms a week, which in 3 months will reduce about 5-10 kilograms, which is a satisfactory figure. The author reduced his weight by 10 kg, it took several months. It is slow, but it is comfortable and relaxed. And this slow down also helps to maintain weight is easier than with.

It is important to reduce obesity. May be difficult, easy, different in each person. But everyone must have a certain commitment. Have a strong heart, as there is a comparable. Weight loss is similar to taking alcohol in the alcoholic. If the mind is strong and do the right way, then it must be effective. Some people like to treat in people with diabetes. I have to practice correctly throughout my life.