Thai herbal weight loss to help the body.

Herbal weight loss Reduce fat with beautiful herbs with 12 kinds of herbs that you benefit. Who is losing weight, do not miss it.

No one can deny that having a good shape and being strong is what everyone is dreaming of. Many people try to lose weight by using various methods such as exercise, diet control. Or even take a supplement to help lose weight. But supplements are not always safe. If you find a good supplement, but if you find a supplement containing chemicals that are not good for the body. If you want to lose weight, then you will have to come up with complications or many other consequences, waste time to lose health.

In fact, all of the supplements are made from the herbs that we can eat fresh without having to depend on the extracts that are in them at all. It is also safer. What are some herbs that help lose weight? Today, the company has taken the information of herbs that can help to reduce fat and fat. To see that the herbs that are eaten at the beauty. Good health.

lime lose weight

1. lime

If you talk about herbs that taste avant-garde that can lose weight. I have to think of lemon certainly. Because now the lemon has become a popular herb used to lose weight. The formula to lose weight with lemon juice is also a variety.

The reason lemon juice can lose weight is because lime has a variety of acids, which help to break down fat. Lemon is also high in vitamin C. When it gets into the right amount, it will reduce the body fat. The level of triglycerides is normal. Bad fat is reduced and helps to increase fat. Lime is also high fiber. Feeling full and reduce appetite. Who wants to lose weight, then like sour taste. Lime is not to be missed.

sweet basil seeds

2. Grain seeds

Although basil does not contain nutrients that help to lose weight directly. But the seeds can help control the food. Because seedlings are plants that do not produce energy. It can swell up to 45 times if taken before meals, it will help to feel full. And help to eat less.

Basil seeds can also be eaten in children and adults. Safe for pregnant women and lactating women. But if anyone does not like to eat fresh pineapple, then try to mix with other drinks, but it must be soaked in water to inflate it first. Otherwise, it can cause flatulence and constipation instead.


3. Reserve ball

Reserve or another name that is “the sea”, which has the property to lose weight like a name. Because the ball when the water soaked, it will swell and when eaten, it will fill and eat less. It also helps to get rid of fat from the body. Cleanse the fat in the intestines. By absorbing fat and then excreted in the form of excretion.

But there is a pharmacological information to talk about eating for a long time, it may cause the body to get nutrients. Some vitamins and minerals have decreased. So if you are thinking of using a back-up to help lose weight, then it should be eaten properly.


4. Roselle

Roselle is made into gumbo. It is a herb that can help to lose weight quite well. Especially the flower of the flower. Or the remaining clusters attached to the fruit. Can be used as a fat reduction in blood vessels. Studies have shown that high levels of triglycerides, cholesterol and LDL levels are associated with increased levels of HDL. Cardiac blockage from the heart to less.

While in Egypt The red okra is boiled to eat as a weight loss drug. It is a laxative and also helps in the intestinal disinfection as well. But we do not have to go to Roselle to eat it. If you want to lose weight with okra, then try to find a gumbo that does not sugar to drink it will help as well.


5. Safflower

Safflower is another good herb to reduce fat in the blood. Sweat It is very suitable to be brewed before drinking. As a mild laxative can help to excrete the abdomen and reduce weight as well, we can now buy safflower to drink easily.

If you like fresh, you can buy red safflower safflower in boiling water for 5 minutes and then filter the water. If you want to taste sweet, you can add sugar as you like. If you drink it to lose weight. Should be replaced with stevia instead of sweet. I also lose weight two.


6. Basil

Basil is a herb we commonly used to cook food. It is also a popular food. The properties of Basil. We know that there is a wind. Helps to relieve friction and abdominal pain. But the beauty of the other is that we do not know that it is. Helps to drive fat and sugar.

Have you ever wondered? Why do we have to have a menu of fried basil meat, basil, chicken, basil, pork, because it leaves the basil leaves smell of meat. The fat and excess sugar from the body. In addition, the sweet basil will help drive the liver out to help break down the fat better. So if you want to lose weight. Basil is a good alternative to me.


7. Garlic

Thai herbs are often used to make food. Because it is a dish that requires garlic as a component. But it must be fresh garlic. Garlic to be cooked in the diet can not help lose weight.

That is because garlic is rich in allicin, which has the ability to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, reduce blood glucose, enhance the effectiveness of fungicide, help reduce inflammation, Antioxidants, tumor suppressors and some cancer cells. If you eat 10 grams of garlic every day, it will lower cholesterol by 14%, LDL by 17% and HDL by 41%. Sin is destroyed when exposed to oil and heat. It should be eaten fresh at least 3-5 small cloves before meals to lose weight.

If you want to increase muscle mass, then eat with food or after the meal, it will help increase muscle mass. But do not forget the bad breath and smell it. Garlic is very strong. If you have to meet someone after eating garlic, it should avoid eating. Or do not brush your teeth before the best.


8. Chili

Who will believe that chili will have the ability to lose weight. But that is because chili has high vitamin C. The vitamin C here to help expand blood vessels in the intestines and stomach. The body can absorb nutrients better. And in the excretory system. The vitamin. Pepper also contains Capsaicin, Oleoresin and Ascorbic Acid. Ascorbic acid, which plays an important role in reducing obesity. It will help to burn fat into energy. If anyone is a person who has low metabolic. Eating chillies often helps to improve the body.

However, even the chili will help reduce weight. But it must eat a lot to get enough nutrients in chili. If you want to use chili to reduce weight. It is advisable to eat peppers in the form of extracts, it is better to eat fresh as a bundle that can cause abdominal pain, stomach disease as well.

9. Stevia

Stevia is a herb that can be sweetened just like sugar. It also helps to reduce obesity. Stevia is a very low calorie and energy consuming plant. Can be mixed with drinks or to taste food instead of sugar. The sweetness of stevia is more than 200-300 times the sugar of sucrose. And if you eat regularly, there are no side effects to be nervous, so who likes to eat sweet. But I do not want to fat. Stevia is the best


10. Curcuma

Turmeric has a chemical substance called curcumin. This substance will help to inhibit the growth of fat cells. Can help reduce fat. Turmeric can be eaten fresh and cooked with food. If you cook with fried foods, it will help to fat in the food as well. And importantly, do not let turmeric in the heat of more than 65 degrees because it can cause steroids in turmeric.


11. Garlic

The orange juice contains HAC or hydroxy citric acid. Live a lot The substance is a substance that has good properties to extract and inhibit the accumulation of excess body fat. It also helps to eat less, abdomen collapse, slender shape. Most people are more likely to eat it in the form of extracts, and the choice of garlic products to lose weight should be 300-600 mg and eat only the label specified. However, we should avoid fatty foods. Reduce the fries. And exercise to lose weight. Efficient and not fat again to me again.

12. Invasion

Raiders are the people who are eating obesity. Because the invasion has a substance Glucomine. A carbohydrate or starch containing Glucose Mannos Fructose has a thick, sticky appearance when eaten, it will fill up quickly. Glucomannan’s viscosity slows the absorption of glucose from the gastrointestinal tract to other parts of the body, resulting in less food consumption. It also has high fiber to the intestines and excretory. Raiders can also be used to cook a variety of food without any effect on the body. Anyone who wants to lose weight, try raiding to make meat instead of meat to help me.

How are some of the herbs near the 12 species that are told today. Anyone who is losing weight, let’s try these herbs to help reduce weight again. But do not forget that it should be eaten in the right amount, because if you eat too much, it may have consequences. I do not want to lose weight because of illness from side effects, anyway.