Do not eat food, do not fast, do not lose weight, lose weight 90 days, lost 10 kg.

Let’s read the story of this woman. She controls food by doing. How to lose weight to lose weight up to 10 kilos within 90 days …


“I have to be good!”, “I have to lose weight!” Is one of the plots of girls who want to have a good year. But do not 100% success, let’s say that the importance of weight loss. In addition to exercise, the girls have to control the diet as well.

Of course, at the beginning of the year, one thing we thought was a must do. “This year I will lose weight”. Half a year has not started to reduce. Happy to eat Happy with the word “Fat is happy.” “To the end and then stop at 100” until the end of the year. The clothes can not fit into the cabinet. Pants are tight tight Tight belly like a baby near to birth. It’s just a matter of time before it’s too late.

I can not live like this. I started weight loss on 11/09/17 95 kg weight 90 days on 9/12/17 lose weight 10 kilograms, it is appropriate for us to reduce it 10 kg, not too much, not overdo it. Next year, 2561, we plan to lose weight better than planned food. Eat more protein. Time to get more body.

We lose weight by controlling food. Because food is 80% of weight loss. Find out how to find the right weight loss tips for weight loss IG. Trainer Knowledge is around. We just crossed it to find it very much. We try to get positive energy. By reading other examples. Share photos before weight loss Before – After weight loss. To be inspired. IG menu with many idols that make the menu very weighty eat them.


We change ourselves by sleeping 1 hour faster. To have time to cook I’m not sure what to do. Time to find weight loss. Get inspired only. Take time to exercise.

The weight of this heavy exercise can not afford to invest in the exercise bike to spin in the room. To save ankle Watch TV to go to the comfort of spinning 30-60 minutes a day, whichever is the time is very little. Some days it is dancing in the clips in YouTube. Exercise according to the app when weight drops. Lightweight, it will work harder. It will focus on both the car and the body.

Cut the juice out of my life as I remember 3 months to eat 3 cups because I reward myself with some fried desserts are tasting little coffee still. Reduce to 2-3 times a week to order a latte to use Non fat milk, do not add syrup, I want very sweet. I buy sugar without sugar. Or coconut water We live without it. We live without pearl milk tea, spinning green tea.

We have a goal of reducing the 5 kg of green tea has decreased by 7 kg, have eaten a crepe reduced 9 kg, have eaten KFC reduced by 10 kg. Oishi Buffet I have to reward myself with the fight to continue.

Do not eat clean food. Weight is down

Weight Loss Menu We focus on eating. The day is really no time to buy eat 3 full meals to eat every meal, never starve, never let yourself hungry. We have not cleaned it. But try to eat. Use a condiment to reduce sodium. Stevia Extract Rice Bran Oil Salad Dressing Suki, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Low Fat, Everything We cook by the main. Use only white. Oyster and pepper We will do it ourselves. After dinner This will buy it. Let’s see the menu better.

Breakfast is not a lot of people eat rice is not a plate. It will be too crowded. We focus on the main fruit smoothies. The spin is a banana, kiwi, apple, strawberry, spinach, low-fat yogurt. Sour milk, sugar, seeds, grapefruit, toast, some days are milk sandwiches.