Dinner to make you lose weight.

For women who are having problems with belly. Abdominal bloating like three months pregnant. Even if you are not a fat man. But do not figure out how to do it?

This will be the time to work out fat burning fast. And also have to modify the eating habits. The food that you eat each day like the fried coffee, milk, pearl, etc., is the body to knock down today’s lifestyle. I recommend the food that girls should eat a delicious ‘dinner’, easy to digest, low calories, fall asleep, fall asleep in beautiful clothes.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a good source of energy. High calcium There are also good bacteria. Helps strengthen the immune system. Helps to excrete. Eat yogurt alone may not stomach. Recommended to eat with fruit such as banana, apple or berries. It can also be added to mousse, almonds, walnuts, etc. to help fill up the stomach and increase nutrients to the body.

2. Fish steak / grilled fish

Dinner should be eaten between 6pm. Should not exceed seven. To the body to digest the best. And should be a menu of high-protein, low-fat, fish is recommended as a Western style. Grilled fish with boiled vegetables and chili paste. No need to eat rice. But if it’s not really full. I can eat rice 1 ladle.

3. Roasted chicken breast / steamed chicken breast

Chicken is another girl. Clean line he regularly eat. Maybe eat salad but it is not too full (maybe cream dressing is fat too). Late night is not hungry, it is better to eat a better meal than recommended chicken breast or. Steamed steamed chicken with boiled vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, chilli, cauliflower, etc. Get a dip with a little salad dressing lightly calories.

4. Boiled eggs + fruits and vegetables.

If anyone wants to reduce the urgency. It must be a strict dinner! Let’s set this menu for girls, boiled eggs 2 eggs eaten with fruits and vegetables like banana, apple, guava apple, cantaloupe, boiled pumpkin, sweet boiled, etc.

5. Quinir

Quinoa is a very useful cereal. Famous in the circles of clean food. Popular to eat rice. It has high fiber, low calorie and also contains many essential nutrients. Try to make a stir fried quinine. Or a salad dressing. (Put the dressing in clear water)

6. Yum

Who knows that the weight loss diet is dull. Not always! You can choose to taste delicious food as well, but seasoning to lower the sourness, spicy down. I will be too tired.

Introduce the menu of yummy vermicelli, lemon pork, sweet potato salad, roasted pork neck, etc., and should be mixed with fresh vegetables such as kale stalks, cucumbers, cucumber, glass will help reduce the spicy. Make more stomach. And also natural fiber. Help the excretory system.

7. Soup / Eating

Come to the soup or clear soup. It is another menu that comes to life. Make sure you are not overweight or obese. Recommended is chicken soup soup or homemade pork chop. If anyone wants to eat, I should tell you. Do not put garlic hybrids on me.