7 Quick weight loss tricks For especially obese women

Office girl sitting for a long time As if the shape was not fat, not thin But how much to eat I don’t know why I like to pile up at one point. Makes the puppet look asymmetrical Lose confidence When to wear clothes How tiny the bikini, two peaches, floating waist, puppet show I do not really dare to take it! Want to lose the belly, change the body to be like With tips that have already been effective Reduce belly fat Whichever looks Hot blast # 1 Drinking plain water before meals Water is always important for our body. And should drink enough to meet the needs in 1 day, about 7-9 glasses to balance the body, quench thirst, help in the skin shine Adjust excretion And helps in digestion Plus make it to the stomach Is another trick that helps to reduce belly well Just drink clean water At room temperature 2 glasses before meals Helps you to be full, fast and comfortable, plus the belly collapse! # 2 Changing behavior, not sleeping after eating Ancient, he said, lazy people Usually like to eat and sleep like a snake Did you know that this is a harm to the digestive system? And metabolism To not work effectively Including causing wind Or gas in the digestive tract Until it can cause acid reflux, so after eating should sit back straight for a time Half an hour -1 hour In order for the intestines to work well Or in other words is Sleep is an activity that does not affect the use of energy. Or burn well Is the reason that makes us fat Therefore should not eat and go to bed immediately Or postpone meals faster To extend the time before going to bed # 3 Reduce sugary and alcohol drinks Sweet drinks Including alcohol That girls love popular parties! But if you want to lose weight, lose your belly, you should not drink these drinks. Because sugar will help Accumulate excess fat as well And if drinking regularly makes you fat, of course, avoid partying Do not eat drinks that give sugar Focus on water Or drinking plain water mixed with basil seeds In addition to helping the stomach to last longer Also helps in excretion, drinking before bed, waking up, getting comfortable, flat stomach, flat belly
# 4 Focus on eating food cooked with boiling / steaming. Its fried food is something that we should already avoid to lose weight. Because in addition to oil, it will give more fat than is necessary for our body. Will make us fat, get some fat, like trans fat, if eaten, these fats often accumulate in the body Until turning into cellulite waves under the skin Add belly, belly, scalene if we want the belly to collapse comfortably, not tight until uncomfortable. Should focus on eating foods made with steamed boiled rather than fried Will result in good results in weight loss Belly up, wear more comfortable clothes! # 5 Yogurt or sour milk before bedtime Microorganisms in yogurt or sour milk Will help to eliminate bacteria in the intestine Helps the digestive system better, comfortable the stomach, resulting in good digestion. When eating on a regular basis or every day, in the morning before meals or before bedtime will make us more easily excrete. Reduce constipation, indigestion, get rid of our belly, make your feet flat, not tense or accumulate waste in your body. Regular excretion will cause weight loss. The belly collapses quickly and gives real results. # 6 Specific exercises If your exercise does not give good results to the abdomen as it should be called weight loss The obstacle is our belly. Don’t let down The best choice Ie, there must be exercise in specific areas at the abdomen area Focus on exercising the belly to collapse, such as sit-ups, tightening the abdomen, playing hula hoop, helping to reduce the overall weight. And still see the result of lowering Flat stomach How many loins will the waist be afraid of?
# 7 Massage the belly In addition to exercise methods that make our puppets more compact But it is a method that is not very exertive, not tired, suitable for lazy girls Or anyone just starting to lose weight Slimming Massage Especially in the abdomen area By using luffa Or synthetic fibers that we use to shower, massage around the belly while bathing in the clockwise direction for about 1 minute or more Regularly helps to stimulate the metabolism of the belly fat. Tighten belly Weight drop, collapsed by the most comfortable. The belly is not as balanced as desired. Although exercising May have to rely on good tricks That helps our weight loss problems better And can reduce the way again Girls who are having these problems Try to follow Certify that it is sensitive The puppet is ready to fit in the waist, showing how the abdomen shows how to survive.