The trend of health care is coming. In addition to exercise, there is also “eat clean” that young girls are paying special attention to. If anyone saw the salad. Or clean food is a beautiful box around people began to look at this person’s health care.

But soon! Do not think that everyone is clean. We believe that there must be a part that does not understand how to eat a good clean. Not only eat tasty food, focus on healthy vegetables, it is always called clean eat. What to look out for?

5 things to know before you start eating “clean”

toast with soft cheese and quail eggs

1. Do not eat the same menu repeatedly.

Some people choose to cook themselves. Which is good And very praised. But many people buy chicken breasts in half. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. Your body may be tired. I get the same nutrients every day. Put components Keep moving The food is clean, not boring. It also helps the body with a variety of nutrients.

Fresh salad with chicken breast, arugula, lettuce and tomato.

2.  5 Do not eat food, but eat fruits and vegetables.

Some people are hard to eat clean, I’m not home or vegetarian. Not wrong But when it comes to eating vegetables. Two fruits The body will not get enough nutrients. Because many people forget that the energy that each day the body needs. Mainly from carbohydrates and proteins. Eating fruits and vegetables that are not enough energy can wind or lack of nutrients.

The protein that will need to repair the wear and tear is no longer. (Because many people forget to eat tofu, beans and other types of protein crops). It is a complete five groups. But eat less energy. If you are a person who uses less energy each day, such as sitting on the table all day. And have less time to exercise.

Olive oil being poured into white spoon

3. Do not think that olive oil only we need.

Olive oil is a favorite for people who like to eat the most popular cooking. Although it is more expensive than other oils. But with nutrients. And fat is good for the body. People choose olive oil to cook instead. But do not think that olive oil is always useful. Olive oil is good for health when eaten fresh in a salad of meat or fried anything fast fire.

But if you start the menu for a long time. Stir fry for a long time or fry olive oil will not fit right away. Olive oil is not heat-resistant, except good food. Will disappear May cause cancer. (Especially the extravagant and virgin olive oil that Thai people usually buy to eat together)

Healthy fitness green salad and apple

4. Eat clean does not mean that it is not fat.

Some people think that the food is good for health, but the starch is low in sugar, it is low in sodium, it is low in fat, but I say that it is a clean food that is lower than normal food. It does not mean that you eat a lot, but it is not fat. So eat in moderation. Whether it is clean or not.


5. Forget sugar latent
Sometimes we avoid drinks. Soft drink Finally came the dead horse at the juice. We think it is good. The sweetness of nature does not hurt. This is a terrible mistake. Otherwise, people who eat durian will be fat. The fruit is sweet. This is the source of sugar that we must avoid. Including fruit juice. Bottled with Let’s look at the bottle to see that the sugar is high enough to shake it. So eat fresh fruit. And eat fruit tasteless. It is best to eat our own clean.

Who do you miss? I will return to it. How to start eating clean is not as hard as many people think, eat clean, then do not forget to exercise. And enough rest. For good health in all aspects, this time the owner of the fitness and firmware. Without disease, it is easy for you.