5 Foods That Help Burn Fat The more you eat, the less skinny it is.

Skinny but still eaten. What kind of food to eat at ease? Do not worry about obesity. In addition to exercise to burn fat in the body, then a simple way to accelerate the metabolism is to eat properly, then we have five foods to help burn fat to introduce as follows.

1. Chili

Pepper spicy helps accelerate the rate of metabolism. Because peppers contain capsaicin to help lose weight. Prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. It also reduces blood lipids. The study found that eating chili will accelerate the burning of calories by up to 50 calories per day. It also helps reduce appetite quite well.

2. Coffee

Caffeine in coffee helps accelerate fat burning by up to 11%. Drinking 3 cups of coffee a day helps accelerate the burning of calories by 100 calories. No milk Cream or sugar If the coffee is sweet. You will get more calories from milk and sugar than the amount consumed. It becomes more weight gain instead.


3. Tea

In the tea is a mixture of caffeine and catechins. It helps accelerate the fat burning system. Especially green tea and Oolong tea. It accelerates the metabolism up to 100 calories per day. Oolong tea and green tea will stimulate the body to accumulate fat as energy. It can lose weight very well. It is cautioned not to add sugar, milk cream added in a glass of tea. Because these ingredients are very high in calories.

4. Legumes

Nuts are very high in protein compared to other vegetables. Studies have shown that eating high-protein foods accelerates the rate of metabolism compared to low-protein diets. The legumes are also rich in fiber. Good for health as well. Therefore, eating legumes for good health and beauty better.

5. empty water

Drinking sufficiently clean water will accelerate your metabolism by as much as 30% and help you reduce your appetite. So each day should drink plenty of water. Especially before eating each meal. It is recommended to drink 1 glass of water to eat less meals. It is not fat.

I do not have to eat 5 of these foods. You will have a robot that is easy to use. It is also good for health. So do not miss